Radiation-protection doors

Radiation-protection doors shield out radiation

Rooms that are exposed to dangerous radiation must be equipped with special doors and frames. This applies to, for example, rooms in medical facilities such as hospitals, medical practices or research facilities. Our tested radiation-protection doors permanently protect against harmful X-ray, gamma or electric radiation. This protection is achieved by lead inlays integrated in the door and frame. They prevent the penetration of harmful radiation. The radiation barrier must not be interrupted at any point. Reliable protection is only offered by a completely tested door set including steel frame and fittings.

Do radiation-protection doors have a minimum thickness?

We implement the reliable radiation protection by a lead inlay in the cover plate. Depending on the intensity of the radiation, the lead inlay must have a certain thickness. This thickness is decisive for the attenuation level of the radiation-protection door, the so-called lead equivalent value. With the Schörghuber radiation-protection doors, you can opt for a lead equivalent value between 1 mm and 6 mm. In doing so, we recommend already defining the value in the planning phase. Radiation-protection doors can be produced with a door leaf thickness of 50 mm or 70 mm.

Radiation-protection door equipment

We offer you a wide range of radiation-protection doors in various versions and with different equipment. Whether single-leaf or double-leaf version, with vision panel or acoustic rating function – it's your choice. In terms of design, we also orientate ourselves completely according to your requirements – and naturally give you detailed consultation beforehand. Vision sections in the radiation-protection door, for example, allow processes in the room to be observed. Or course, we also manufacture the radiation-protection doors in a sliding door version for you. This is, for example, extremely well suited as a surgery sliding door.

Design variants:

• Radiation-protection doors based on DIN 6834

• Lead equivalent value of 1 mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm and 6 mm

• Single- and double-leaf radiation-protection doors

• Can be combined with acoustic rating up to Rw = 45 dB

• Combination with steel frames

• Vision panels, two-way communication glazing, top panels and transom lights

• Version as radiation-protected sliding doors or surgery sliding doors