Sliding doors

Sliding doors provide space and freedom of movement

Sliding doors are space saving and convenient solutions that may also fulfil requirements on accessibility. Our sliding doors with automatic door operator guarantee unlimited access to X-ray rooms, operating rooms or emergency rooms. These automatic sliding doors, operating room sliding doors with radiation protection function for example, allow doctors and the medical staff a barrier-free access at all times and make passage for larger devices and patient transport aids a lot easier.

Tested T30 fire-protection sliding doors

In addition to an appealing design, sliding doors must frequently also fulfil other important functions. For example, they must be fire-resistant and smoke-tight in order to protect adjacent fire sections against the spreading of fire. Many manufacturers offer fire-protection sliding doors, but only a few with the necessary certification from the German Institute for Structural Engineering (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik - DIBt). Schörghuber has tested T30 fire-protection sliding doors in its product range. These are self-closing and can be equipped with an additional automatic operator.

Functions of sliding doors

Do you want to add further functions to your sliding door? Then ask us about our sliding doors with acoustic rating or radiation protection function, wet room and damp room suitability. Moreover, single- as well as double-leaf variants are possible, optionally also with flush-fitting vision panel. Furthermore, our fire-protection sliding doors and all other sliding doors with automatic operator are also available in a barrier-free version. Thanks to their simple handling, they can be operated from a wheelchair without any problem. Opening and closing works quietly and without much effort. This provides persons with physical disabilities quicker access without help from others.

Design variants:

• Also available as T30 fire-protection sliding door and sliding window

• Acoustic rating up to Rw,P = 42 dB

• Large dimensions

• Optional with radiation protection function, wet room and damp room suitability

• Running in front of the wall, also as special solution with F30 glazing

• Running in the wall for sliding doors without additional requirements

• Can be combined with wooden frames, steel wrap around frames as well as stainless steel frames

• Automatic operator or manual actuation

• Flush-fitting base and protective plates made of stainless steel

• Barrier-free sliding doors