Acoustic-rated doors

Acoustic rating doors keep disturbing noise away

Acoustic rating doors make an important contribution to health and the well-being of persons – in public buildings, office and administrative buildings, clinics, schools, but also in your own homes. For example, they protect against the development of loud noise in office rooms and ensure a pleasant and quiet working climate. In doing so, acoustic-rated doors fulfil two basic functions: on the one hand, they shield away loud noises from outside and on the other hand, they keep the noises where they originate, thus in the room. Acoustic-rated doors are, for example, important for rooms where privacy should be protected.

Which acoustic rating values do Schörghuber doors achieve?

Building regulation law specifications apply for many types of buildings – such as for apartment blocks, hotels, schools or hospitals. These specifications regulate the acoustic rating values to be observed. You can only make your own decision about the level of acoustic rating in private residential constructions. High acoustic-rating doors from Schörghuber are available with an acoustic rating value of Rw,P = 32 dB, Rw,P = 37 dB, Rw,P = 42 dB, Rw,P = 45 dB and even Rw,P = 50 dB tested in accordance with DIN 4109. An acoustic rating report always refers to the entire door set comprising door leaf, frame and fittings. In order to guarantee a maximum level of safety, we therefore recommend procuring the door leaf, frame and fittings from one manufacturer.

Special solutions with acoustic rating

You need a higher acoustic rating value? We offer special solutions for this purpose, such as high acoustic-rating double door sets. These achieve an impressive value of Rw,P = 55 dB. You can also combine other additional functions with these single- and double-leaf acoustic-rated doors. Our acoustic-rated sliding doors achieve a high acoustic rating value of Rw,P = 42 dB, at the same time, these are available in very large dimensions. We would be pleased to consult you.

Design variants:

• Single-leaf and double-leaf acoustic-rated doors up to Rw,P = 50 dB

• Acoustic rating classes SSK 1, SSK 2, SSK 3, SSK 4 and SSK 5

• Combination with all steel frames, wooden frames and aluminium frames from the Schörghuber product range

• Acoustic-rated sliding doors, single-leaf sliding doors, surgery sliding doors

• Acoustic-rated doors with top panels, transom lights, side parts, glazing, vision panels

• Combination with other protection functions such as fire/smoke protection, break-in resistance, damp-room, wet-room features, climate class III and IV

• Double doors up to Rw,P = 55 dB

• Diverse additional equipment and design variants