Tubular chipboard doors

High-quality tubular chipboard doors for every budget

Doors in internal areas count among the most important elements of the facility. Thus, an innovative door design combined with the highest functionality, is the perfect solution. This applies for flats as well as for non-residential construction projects. Hard wearing, stable and visually appealing - interior doors must satisfy these requirements. And that is just what the Schörghuber tubular chipboard doors fulfil. Convince yourself of the high-quality look that you can already purchase for a low budget.

What characterises the Schörghuber tubular chipboard doors?

The 42 mm thick tubular chipboard doors from Schörghuber are high-quality door leaf constructions that are much lighter than solid-core doors. Middle layer, frame, edge band and surface layer are glued together over the entire surface several times. This full-surface glue connection makes the doors more stable and durable than conventional tubular chipboard doors. In the first instance, the benefits of the Schörghuber tubular chipboard door are in its stability and the perfect durability. As standard, at Schörghuber, the tubular chipboard doors comply with highest stress group 4 ("E" = extreme).

Which equipment options do tubular chipboard doors offer?

The equipment is your decision: being single- or double-leaf, with suitability for damp rooms, as sliding door or with vision panel. You can combine the tubular chipboard door with diverse steel frames and wooden frames. Matching wooden frames are available either in the angular or the rounded "Softline" version. The "Softline" wooden wrap-around frame is particularly suitable for playing areas in children's rooms or kindergartens. The edge of the door leaf can also be provided with an angular or rounded edge. Moreover, you have the choice between climate class I and climate class II.

Design variants:

• Single-leaf and double-leaf

• Climate class I and climate class II

• Stress group E

• With suitability for damp rooms

• As sliding doors

• Individual surface finishes for every budget

• Vision panels