Clean-room doors

Clean-room doors fulfil the highest hygiene requirements

Clean rooms in the medical sector, healthcare sector and research must comply with the strictest hygienic guidelines. Sectors such as microelectronics, optics, optoelectronics, microsystem technology, micromechanics, pharmaceuticals, genetic engineering and foodstuff technology place high demands on reliability and cleanliness. For these sensitive sectors, Schörghuber has developed forward-looking solutions for clean-room doors.

Which function do clean-room doors fulfil?

The suitability as clean-room door is an additional function of the door. They can be implemented as single- and double-leaf doors with 42 mm, 50 mm or 70 mm door leaf thickness. The door sets are designed such that they keep organic substances away from protected areas. Moreover, they prevent microorganisms escaping from contaminated areas. Optionally, you can combine many more functions in your clean-room door: T30 fire-protection, smoke-protection or acoustic rating, for example. Depending on the requirement, clean-room doors can be combined with a steel frame, stainless steel frame or wrap-around frame. They can even be equipped with a flush-fitting vision panel.

What characterises Schörghuber clean-room doors?

"Cleanroom chemicals" doors are doors that are chemically resistant and resist against cleaning, disinfection, process and solvent reagents. Schörghuber clean-room doors "Clean room H2O2“ withstand disinfection or decontamination with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). As standard, these special door variants are equipped with a very smooth "Cleanroom white" HPL surface, a PU edge on 4 sides as well as fittings made of stainless steel. Independent of the requirement to be fulfilled, each Schörghuber door can be supplied in a "Cleanroom Chemicals" version. "Cleanroom H2O2" is only possible for door types made of materials that are free of wood and wood composites. Both variants are tested as well as certified and guarantee the resistance described.

Design variants:

• Functions: fire-protection T30, smoke-protection RS, acoustic rating Rw,P = 32 dB, solid core, wet room, damp room

• Door leaf thickness: 42 mm, 50 mm, 70 mm

• Single-leaf and double-leaf clean-room doors

• Frames: stainless steel frames, steel frames, folded wooden frames

• Surfaces: Schörghuber HPL "Cleanroom white", 0.8 mm in combination with moulded PU edge