Smoke-protection doors

Smoke-protection doors inhibit the spreading of life-threatening smoke

In case of fire, not only the fire is life-threatening, but also the toxic smoke gases that are formed as a result. Fire-protection doors prevent the flames from spreading, but are not necessarily smoke-tight. This is why many building authority guidelines demand smoke-protection as additional equipment. Corridors, for example, must be fitted with doors at certain distances which delay the smoke from spreading. That gives those persons affected time that may be essential for their safe rescue. Reliable protection is what we expect from smoke-resistant doors. And that is just what the smoke-protection doors tested in accordance with DIN 18095 from Schörghuber offer, by inhibiting the penetration of smoke.

Smoke-protection doors with test certificate

In the same manner as fire-protection doors, smoke-protection doors are self-closing and have a floor seal as standard. The surrounding seals between the door leaf and frame ensure that the fumes do not spread in the building. The door is issued with a certificate only when the complete door set including door leaf, frame, closer, lever handle and seal offer the protection required. All elements are perfectly matched to one-another in order to reliably protect against harmful smoke in case of emergency.

How individually can smoke-protection doors be designed?

Function and design go hand in hand: decide for yourself among the design options and various combinations of functions. There is a large selection: different door leaf thicknesses, steel frames, aluminium frames and wooden frames such as wooden wrap-around frames without decorative rebate, wooden block frames flush with the wall or folded wooden frames customise the appearance. Smoke-protection doors can also be combined with other functions, such as with acoustic rating or break-in resistance.

Design variants:

• Single- and double-leaf smoke-protection doors

• Door thickness, panel doors: 42 mm, 50 mm, 70 mm, 91 mm

• Door thickness, solid wood framed doors: 50 mm, 70 mm, 73 mm, 110 mm

• Combination with acoustic rating up to Rw = 50 dB, RC 2, RC 3 and RC 4 break-in resistance, damp-room, wet-room, radiation-protection features

Climate class III and IV

• All steel frames, aluminium frames and wooden frames from the Schörghuber product range

• Vision panels, top panels, transom lights, side parts, fixed glazing