Wet-room doors plus

Wet room doors Plus withstand water exposure

Swimming pools, spa facilities, laboratories, canteen kitchens, operating theatres and spa areas in hotels or public WC and sanitary areas – almost all public buildings have areas of use in which the interiors have to be designed for very high humidity levels on a permanent basis or high exposure to water. Therefore, Schörghuber developed the wet room door Plus for precisely these applications. They are made 100% from material resistant to water and are free of timber and timber material. They easily withstand high and long-term exposure to water, condensation and cleaning products.

Requirements of wet room doors Plus

We reliably test the doors made of 100% moisture-resistant material in accordance with DIN EN 16580. This allows us to ensure that our wet room doors Plus – even if they are exposed to water over long periods – do not sustain any damage. They must withstand both high and long-term exposure to water and aggressive floor and tile cleaning products. The inlay, cover and edge of wet room doors are made of moisture-resistant materials free of timber and timber materials. With the combination of a robust, antibacterial HPL laminate, the robust and easy-care PU edge and the corrosion-resistant fittings, the wet room door Plus is perfectly equipped to resist wetness.

Which functions can be combined with wet room doors Plus?

Do you want a wet room door Plus with additional functions? Not a problem: the Schörghuber wet room door Plus also comes in combination with fire protection and smoke protection. These certified T30 wet room doors withstand permanent exposure to moisture and protect in the event of fire. They have their own fire protection approval. Wet room doors can also be equipped with radiation protection and an acoustic insulation function of Rw,P=32 dB. Barrier-free is also possible.

Design variants:

  • Free of timber and timber material
  • Single- and double-leaf
  • Cast PU edge: fully closed-pored, dirt / water repellent, resistant, resistant to chemicals / solvents
  • 42 mm and 50 mm door thickness
  • Also in combination with T30 fire protection and smoke protection, acoustic insulation up to Rw,P = 32 dB, burglar protection, radiation protection and barrier-free function
  • With stainless steel, aluminium and wet room profile frame
  • Also with glazing cut-out, can be optionally implemented with transom panel or transom light
  • Versatile HPL laminates – including antibacterial surface finishes
  • Available in the fast-track programme