Damp-room doors

Damp-room doors are not affected by a temporary influence of moisture

Damp-room doors are predominantly used in sanitary areas, treatment rooms and bathrooms without ventilation or aeration. There, the doors are exposed to a high humidity for a short period or the temporary influence of moisture. In contrast to wet-room doors, damp-room doors cannot withstand the permanent influence of water but, however, withstand splash water without any problem. If you installed a normal door in shower and bathroom areas that is not suitable for damp rooms, you would, in the long term, have to expect damage to the door and frame.

Which doors are suitable for damp rooms?

For damp rooms, we recommend solid-core doors; depending on the application, tubular chipboard doors are also suitable. The door leaves come in a thickness of 42 mm or 50 mm. We will clarify which door is most suitable for your location with you personally, in an extensive consultation. In doing so, we go through your individual requirements to find the perfect door solution for your damp room.

Which equipment options do damp-room doors offer?

We equip the door leaf edge with a material insensitive to moisture. For example, with an ABS edge, concealed plastic edge band or the robust and water-resistant moulded PU edge. To prevent mopping water or condensed water from penetrating into the material of the door and thus damaging it, the bottom edge of the door leaf is fitted with an invisible moisture protection. The individual stress acting on doors, frames or door fittings due to humidity and/or moisture must be carefully assessed in advance. As all Schörghuber doors are multi-functional, damp-room doors can also be combined with other functions.

Design variants:

• Damp-room doors tested according to DIN EN 16580

• Single- and double-leaf door variants

• 42 mm or 50 mm as solid-core doors or 42 mm as tubular chipboard doors

• Can be combined with wet-room wrap-around frames without decorative rebate (appearance of a wooden wrap-around frame), steel frames, aluminium frames, concealed aluminium frames Zeroline
• Also available as a sliding door version

• HPL laminates and premium finishes

• Damp-room doors can be combined with other functions such as T30 fire-protection, smoke-protection, acoustic rating or break-in resistance