Break-in-resistant doors

Break-in-resistant doors protect your building

In public buildings such as museums, banks, archives, in sensitive office and business units as well as in private residential buildings, there are valuables that have to be protected against theft. Even inexperienced burglars open normal doors within a short time when using simple objects. No special levering tool is necessary for this. Our break-in-resistant doors are, on the other hand, designed so that they withstand as long as possible in event of attempted burglary. Break-in-proof doors impede unauthorised access as well as forced entry. The longer the burglar needs to open the door, the higher the chance is that they give up. Disproportionately long attempts usually frighten off the perpetrator.

Break-in-resistant doors are particularly robust

Due to our special manufacturing procedure, Schörghuber doors are always more stable and durable than conventional function doors. Robust door leaf construction, special security fittings and high-quality lock systems guarantee reliable protection. All Schörghuber solid doors also meet the requirements of the highest stress group 4 (Extreme). Break-in-resistant door sets are equipped with reinforced elements that impede the burglar. There are diverse design options with regards to the surfaces, frames and additional equipment of break-in-resistant doors.

How resistant are break-in-resistant doors?

The Schörghuber break-in-resistant doors are available in resistance class RC 2, RC 3 and RC 4. The resistance classes reflect the time during which the door withstands the attempted burglary: with RC 2, the burglar-protection door offers at least 3 minutes protection against occasional criminals with simple tools. With RC 3, the door guarantees 5 minutes protection against a habitual burglar that proceeds in a common manner, who additionally uses simple levering tools. And with RC 4, the break-in-resistant door withstands at least 10 minutes against an experienced burglar with levering tools and wedges.

Design variants:

• Tested break-in-resistant doors in accordance with DIN EN 1627

• Resistance classes RC 2, RC 3 and RC 4

• Tested in solid walls and partition walls

• Attack side: on the hinge side and opposite hinge side

• Combination with other protection functions such as fire-protection, smoke-protection, climate class III and IV

• Single- and double-leaf break-in-resistant wooden doors, top panels and transom lights

• Version with folded wooden frames, solid wooden frames, wooden block frames, wooden wrap-around frames, steel frames, aluminium frames, concealed aluminium frames Zeroline

• Break-in-resistant exterior doors, apartment entrance doors

• Alarm wire inlays with the highest certified VdS class C