Bullet-resistant doors

Bullet-resistant doors offer reliable protection

Doors with bullet resisting effect do not only play an important role in the military sector. Police stations, ministries, authorities, airports, banks, embassies or even private houses with high security requirements demand doors with special protection functions. And that is just what bullet-resistant doors from Schörghuber offer: they are able to stop projectiles and thus save lives. During the test of the bullet resistance effect, we assume a large calibre handgun. According to DIN EN 1522, this corresponds with a maximum ballistics level of FB4.

Which additional functions can a bullet-resistant door have?

High-quality design combined with reliable security – that is what the bullet-resistant doors from Schörghuber stand for. In our wide range of products, you will find the special door sets of type 3N-M3 with bullet protection rating FB4 S according to DIN EN 1522-1. On request, we also manufacture this security door with fire protection and acoustic rating as well as break-in resistance levels RC 2 and RC 3. In combination with a heavy duty steel frame, it forms an ideal unit. All components are perfectly matched to each other. As this is the only way that they comply with the applicable security guidelines and fulfil the demands that Schörghuber places on security.

Individual design of bullet-resistant doors

With the equipment and design of bullet-resistant security doors, there are no limits to creativity. For the individual design, for example, you also have the choice between diverse frame versions: steel wrap around frames, steel corner frames, steel block frames or steel expansion joint frames. You can also make a decision for a matching surface from our wide range of doors. All Schörghuber surfaces are available to choose from.

Design variants:

• Single-leaf bullet-resistant doors

• 50 mm door leaf thickness

• With additional functions such as T30 fire-protection, smoke-protection, acoustic rating, break-in-resistance RC 2 and RC 3

• Steel frame versions: steel wrap around frames, corner frames, block frames, expansion joint frames, 

All frames are also optionally available in stainless steel

• All surfaces from the Schörghuber product range, for example veneer, HPL laminate, premium paint coating, Durat