Exterior doors

Exterior doors withstand all weather conditions

Security doors in outdoor areas must fulfil different requirements at the same time and are equipped with diverse security functions. Exterior doors include, amongst others, front doors of houses or side entrance doors exposed to weather. All have to withstand weather conditions - in particular if the entrance area faces the weather side. Heavy rain must not be able to do anything to the exterior door. Schörghuber door type 35N-A is, for example, an exterior door for areas exposed to the weather. The central task of exterior doors is, however, usually the break-in resistance function; they protect the building against burglars and forced entry.

Which functions can an exterior door combine?

In addition to fire-protection, other functions can be combined in an exterior door. This includes, for example acoustic rating or break-in resistance. In addition to RC 2 and RC 3, the Schörghuber type 35 can be combined with other functions such as acoustic rating up to Rw,P = 42 dB or T30 fire-protection. These security exterior doors have their own approval. With the design, we would be pleased to consider your desires and adapt the exclusive exterior door to the architecture of your building. Gain an overview here.

Exterior doors made of wood with fire-protection

Depending on the fitting situation, exterior doors must contribute to the structural fire-protection. This means that in case of fire, they must prevent the fire from spreading to an adjacent building. Schörghuber is one of the few manufacturers that offer exterior doors made of wood with their own T30 approval. These are wooden doors that fulfil a fire-retardant function and are suitable for the cold and wet weather conditions in outdoor areas at the same time. Thus, this exterior door 35N-A from Schörghuber combines functionality with high-quality design.

Design variants:

• With T30 fire-protection function

• Break-in resistance RC 2 and RC 3

• Acoustic rating functions up to Rw,P = 42 dB

• Other outdoor elements such as F30 and F90 fixed glazing or hinged leaf versions in the Schörghuber product range

• Diverse design options

• Diverse vision panels