Doors for daycare and school

Which daycare centre doors are the right ones?

In nurseries and daycare centres, the safety requirements of doors are particularly high – be it for group rooms, rest rooms, multi-purpose rooms or sanitary facilities. Protection of the little ones is the main focus everywhere, so Schörghuber doors and frames allow safe play and meet the highest demands on injury prevention and hygiene. The doors also harmonise visually with a playing environment and offer children the perfect space for optimal development. Doors with glazing cut-outs make the surroundings brighter and friendlier. Here you can discover more doors, functions and equipment options for nurseries and daycare centres

Which doors are best for schools?

To provide adequate protection for the children, the school building must meet very specific requirements for fire, smoke and noise protection. In addition, the doors must be able to withstand the number of children who use them every day. Since students usually rush through the doors full of energy, durability is a top priority. A sturdy door leaf construction is especially important with this increased stress. Our doors for classrooms, gymnasiums, stairwells, hallways and washrooms are robust, but also attractive. Escape doors are also subject to particularly strict safety regulations - our products reliably meet these.