We’re climate-neutral!

We’re climate-neutral – and so are all of our products! How exactly does that work?

  • 1. Determine CO2 emissions

    We have joined forces with ClimatePartner to determine the CO2 emissions of our company and create our Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF): from heating and energy to employee commuting, business trips and office materials. We also calculated the raw materials, packaging and logistics of our products.

  • 2. Avoid and reduce

    Wherever possible, we avoid and reduce these CO2 emissions. We cover all of our power needs with green electricity and rely on efficient material utilisation and energy-saving processes while avoiding waste.

  • 3. Offset CO2 emissions through climate protection projects with ClimatePartner

    We compensate for all unavoidable CO2 emissions by supporting climate protection projects. This makes us a climate-neutral company, and all of our products are climate-neutral.
    Climate protection projects save CO2 – with reforestation measures or by replacing technologies harmful to the environment with more climate-friendly alternatives. We support three climate protection projects: a reforestation project in Uruguay and two wind energy projects in India.

  • 4. The “climate-neutral” label

    We label our products with the independent “climate-neutral” label. Via the tracking URL www.climatepartner.com/14644-2012-1001 you can learn more about our climate neutrality and the climate protection projects. This helps us ensure maximum transparency with regard to the climate neutrality of our company and our products.

ClimatePartner – our partner in climate protection

ClimatePartner provides companies with solutions for climate protection. The company combines individual consulting with cloud-based software that is unique on the market. ClimatePartner helps its clients to calculate and reduce CO2 emissions and to offset those emissions that cannot be avoided. In this way, products and companies become climate-neutral, and this is confirmed by the ClimatePartner label.



Further information can be found in the Brochure.